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Without a doubt, I will cry at your wedding. Wow weddings are magical. Two people dedicating their lives to loving each other is something to bring chills down anyone's spine. It's powerful and beautiful, and I'm so honored every time a couple asks me to capture their day. From the smallest details to the largest moments, let me capture your day in a way that you and generations will be able to cherish.

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Take me anywhere!

- Unless it's creepy. I'll hop a fence, but I won't willingly walk into a situation that seems serial killer-ish.

Really though, adventure elopements set my heart on fire.

I'm already excited, and you haven't even told me where we're going yet!

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If you're here and this is the shoot you're looking to set up, first of all, I'm so dang excited for you! Second, you are most likely still looking for a wedding photographer as well. What if I were to tell you such a package exists that includes both your engagement AND your wedding?! Imagine this: your engagement pictures matching your wedding invites, your wedding venue + decor ... AND your wedding gallery too. Now that would be seamless!

If you're wanting to set up a gorgeous engagement session that screams your love for each other

from the mountain tops, let's get to climbing!


I'll brag about this. I'm dang good at boudoir. Why? I have a professional medical background of working with women and making women feel comfortable. What boudoir photographer can say that? Not to be cocky. Okay maybe a little. If you're a woman thinking about boudoir, head on over to my all-women, private Instagram account where you can view some of my work + get more pumped about scheduling your own session!

Click the image below, and it will take you straight there!

You can view my boudoir work in two places!

Above, Instagram: @graciekateboudoir

Below, Facebook: Gracie Kate Boudoir


There are so many moments in life worth celebrating and/or creating! From senior year to getting that dream car, personalized portraits are some of my favorite shoots! I'm so excited to hear about what you want to set up!