My Main Gig


Without a doubt, I will cry at your wedding. Wow weddings are magical. Two people dedicating their lives to loving each other is something to bring chills down anyone's spine. It's powerful and beautiful, and I'm so honored every time a couple asks me to capture their day. From the smallest details to the largest moments, let me capture your day in a way that you and generations will be able to cherish.

My Main Gig


I might just have a sweeter spot for elopements and micro-wedding days because of the mega doses of intimacy that come with them. If it be a courthouse wedding, a Vegas bar crawl or a private vowel reading at a stunning destination, wherever you decide to elope, something that's sure is how close and emotional you will feel with your person. Gimme gimme.

Take me anywhere! ...unless it's creepy. I'll hop a fence, but I won't willingly walk into a situation that seems serial killer-ish. Really though, adventure elopements set my heart on fire. I'm already excited, and you haven't even told me where we're going yet!


Scheduling a session before your wedding day will give you an opportunity to have fun & be creative with your bridals! Plus, you can put your hair + makeup trials to use! Bridals are editorial-style images of you in your wedding day attire or any other fun attire you wish to incorporate if you have multiple outfits you are in love with! When I say the options for bridals are endless... we can create anyyyyything you want! FAQ Answered: We will build in time on your wedding day to snag images of just you in all your glory. However, scheduling bridals separate from your wedding day allows for *more* time to get the images we want without taking a lot of extra time away from your actual wedding day! It also allows you to have a different vibe if you want to!


In 2024, I am moving more towards a soft approach to boudoir. Think renaissance paintings of women if that helps. :)) If boudoir is what you are looking for, I'm ready for you to reach out & schedule the session that is built to empower you! If you are here for another session but are now pondering if you indeed need a boudoir session too, mention to me that you may be interested, and I will send you all the deets!


If you're here and this is the shoot you're looking to set up, first of all, I'm so dang excited for you! Engagements are a perfect opportunity to truly capture your relationship & personalities in this season of life! I work super duper hard to help build a session that will bottle up every feeling you have for each other in this season! When else will you ever get to call each other your fiancé?!

Are you still looking for a wedding photographer as well?! What if I were to tell you such a package exists that includes both your engagement AND your wedding?!

Looking for something else?


While the majority of my services surround the wedding industry and that is what I am most experienced in, I definitely do not have a wedding to capture every day of the year, and I would LOVE to preserve this season of life for you!

Families: My approach to capturing families is very relaxed and activity-led, especially with littles involved! I really enjoy taking a natural, candid approach with families!

Memorial: I offer discounted prices for families expecting to soon lose a loved one, whoever their loved one may be (furry family members too). I get that pictures can be all we have left sometimes, and I would love to be the person that provides those memories for you to hold onto.

Professional: I have also worked with companies to help create their overall brand & company look. I personally lean more towards natural and welcoming portraits over traditional headshots.

Maternity: I absolutely get that maternity sessions look different for everyone! Let me know what you are dreaming up, and we will make it happen!

Seniors: I actually started out capturing seniors! I have a lot of fun making senior sessions incredibly unique to each of my grads! Also, CONGRATS!

I hope you reach out even if I have not listed the type of session you are looking for!


I have a professional medical background of working with women and making women feel comfortable. If you're a woman thinking about boudoir, head on over to my all-women, private Instagram account where you can view some of my work + get more pumped about scheduling your own session! Click the image below, and it will take you straight there!

(I will say that you will not be able to see much of my boudoir portfolio because of the privacy options I make available to all my boudoir babes! Each woman has the choice to allow their images to be posted on my private platforms or not, and many of my boudoir babes choose for their galleries to remain private! Hence, I do not have much to share.)

You can view my boudoir work in two places!

Above, Instagram: @graciekateboudoir

Below, Facebook: Gracie Kate Boudoir

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